2019 Jaguar F Pace d20 diesel

F Pace is the first luxury diesel SUV produced by Jaguar, developed and constructed to win this challenging market. It appeared for the first time in 2017. From its very appearance, it has caused real confusion in the market, which was dominated by Mercedes Benz GLS350, Porsche Macan, BMW X3 M and Audi RS Q5. Although after the VW “diesel-gate” scandal there was a fluctuation in the diesel vehicle market, but people in Jaguar decided that one of the models will get just this kind of engine. Of course it’s about the F Pace 20d.

2019 aguar f-pace diesel luxury suv

2019 Jaguar F Pace – Luxury diesel SUV

From the attached spy photo it can be concluded that there will be interesting changes in the look of the Jaguar F-Pace. The front will have a much more aggressive line. The front bumper will be dominant, while above it will be slightly larger air openings, as it will need necessary to have a better cooling of the engine. The rear of the vehicle will also undergo changes. The rear bumper is expected to be modified as well as the number of exhausts. Seen from the side, the Jaguar F Pace silhouette will remain the same. In addition to the existing 20 inch wheels, there will also be 22 inch wheels.

2019 jaguar f pace d20 interior

2019 Jaguar F Pace interior

As you can see in the picture, the interior of the Jaguar F Pace looks simple, modern and elegant. The distinctive Jaguar logo dominates the steering wheel. It should be appreciated that there are dozens of controls on the steering wheel, so you will not waste time for some simple commands. The model will get the latest InControl Touch interface that will significantly enhance the driving experience on this vehicle. No wonder the designers spent thousands of hours designing the best solution for this Luxury SUV. We should boast an extremely modern twin-screen display. A first display may contain data intended for the driver. Second screen can be used by passengers to watch TV or movies. As before, there will be 5 extremely comfortable heated seats in the cabin. Depending on the equipment level, your seat can be positioned in 10 or 14 positions. It is commendable that F Pace has extremely comfortable seats, with a large cargo space. It looks like the designers did not bother to artificially increase the number of passengers in the comfort of driving. For entertainment, in addition to the aforementioned twin-screen display, a great premium audio system is in charge. A very nice atmosphere will also provide a panoramic sunroof, especially if you are driving through interesting canyons.

2019-Jaguar-F-Pace price

2019 Jaguar F Pace Diesel engine

As we are already accustomed to, the Jaguar SUV diesel will be powered by a 4-cylinder twin-turbocharged all-aluminum diesel engine. This engine will deliver a power of 180 hp with 317 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to these characteristics, it will have a low emission of harmful gases and an excellent fuel economy. Like the other versions of the Jaguar F Pace, the same variant will have 8 speed automatic transmission . In all variants F Pace 20d will be the AWD SUV model. It should also be appreciated that F Pace will have an auto-stop function, which will interrupt the engine when system identifies that the vehicle has stopped in place. This will be one of the rare diesel models with this feature. In this way, the noise level in urban areas, as well as pollution, will be significantly reduced.
When we speak about features, this model also has a solid towing. Namely, the towing capacity of this model is 5300 lbs. This is slightly lower than Toyota Sequoia or Porsche Cayenne, but will suit most users.

spy photo 2019 jaguar-f-pace diesel

2019 Jaguar F Pace price and release date

There is still no reliable information about the date when this model will appear. Most likely new Luxury diesel SUV Jaguar F Pace 20d will appear in November or December 2018. As for the price, most likely the starting price of the lowest trim level will be around $ 55,000. The price of the most expensive trim level, with all possible additions will be around $ 70000.