The Best 9 Passenger Vehicles in USA

Vehicles with 9 seats are unknown to most people. In this vehicle can fit 2 average families or 1 large family. I know there are not many families with 7 children, but they still exist. For this reason, 9 passenger vehicles are popular among people who have a need for frequent transport of large numbers of people. Whether it comes to the workers for the nearby smaller drive, animal lovers who go to watch birds, a taxi operator or archaeologists, in all cases, it is advantageous to transport 9 people from point A to point B.

Vehicles that can carry 9 passengers we could divide into two groups. Most at the mention of 9 seats first thought of vans. However, there are vehicles that are lower than the van, which provide the opportunity for the transport of 9 people. These are the SUVs. SUVs have a completely different chassis from outside the vehicle, they are much lower and have better fuel economy. As regards prices, cheaper SUVs with our list are at par with the vans vehicles. Others are slightly more expensive. However, keeping SUV represents some form of prestige, so producers have in mind that fact when they determine the cost. SUV previously had even lower CO2 emissions, but in recent years more modern vans upgraded. Today’s van for 9 people have quite acceptable C02 emissions, in accordance with the strict regulations in the USA.

9 passenger vehicles - 2016 Ford Expedition

Fuel consumption for vehicles with 9 seats is generally high. Simply, for such a large number of passengers and strong engine is expected a lot of energy to be consumed. For this reason, these vehicles are mainly large consumers. However, if we perform the calculation of fuel consumed with the number of carried passengers, we will see that the facts are quite different. If we get number which indicates spent fuel per transported passenger, we will realize that vehicles for 9 passengers are by far the most economical.


Layout of seats in the SUVs for 9 passengers

9 passenger interior - chevrolet suburban

The first question that everyone will ask is: where are located all the seats? The answer is simple: in three rows, as well as in vehicles for 8 passengers. The only difference is an additional seat located primarily between the driver and other front passenger seat. This seat is usually slightly less than the other two in the first row. Many of listed suv vehicles with 9 seats have basic version with 8-seat. For manz of them, ninth seat is just option. For the second and third row seats weighed almost the same rules as for vehicles with 8 seats. In the second row there is plenty of room for adults. The third row has enough space only for the lower people, for the high men there is not enough place.


Layout of seats in vans for 9 people


Every model that is described in our review has a different seating arrangement. Usually the seats are arranged in three rows behind the driver. Some models have three seats connected, while in other model are two seat joined, and one separately. Everyone will at first glance notice an obvious difference from the SUV. A difference is that when we speak about SUV driver is counted as a passenger, while the driver and codriver at van are not counted. The reason is probably that the vans are still used more for commercial passenger transport. So, most of vans are bought by people who want to transport small groups of people and to charge them for that transportation.

9 passenger van - ford-transit-interior

Most of the vehicles on our list has a comfortable seats. This statement equally applies to vans and SUV’s on the list. It should be noted that some vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter had modifications in the number and quality of the seat. There are extremely luxurious interiors for which should be spent a lot more money. Clients for these costly modifications can be really diverse from hands-on tours to business people who have to drive to a place where there are no airports.


Table with 9 passengers vehicles info

VehicleMSRPTowing capacity Mpg
(City / Highway)
Passenger Volume Cargo space
behind 3rd row
Cargo space
behind 1st row
3rd row
Chevrolet Suburban5270039.3121.7830016/23122.438.5/62.6/34.5
GMC Yukon XL4831515.394.7830016/23120.838.1/62.6/24.8
Ford Expedition4543518.6108.3600016/22160.338.3/51.9/37.7
Chevrolet Tahoe4700015.394.7860016/23120.838.1/62.6/24.8

Best 9 passenger suv’s

Chevrolet Suburban has one feature that is really special. It is a cargo space when are folded down the second and third row seats. You will get entire 121.7 cubic feet of space. The basic model has 8 seats, a ninth seat is optional. Otherwise, Suburban is one of the longest-running model in the history of the car. It was produced since 1935. Currently is on the market the eleventh generation of Suburban. What is relevant is a model for the year 2016. For some time this Chevy is produced exclusively in the plant in Arlington, Texas. Basic features of this model are the V8 engine of 5.8 liters and 355 hp power. There is an excellent towing capacity of 8300 pounds. Consumption is quite good for such a large SUV. Fuel consumption is 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. Suburban is equipped with an automatic 6-speed transmission. MSRP of this model is slightly higher than other SUVs in this text and it is 52700 dollars.

2017 Suburban 2nd and 3rd row seats folded

Ford Expedition SUV is the cheapest model with 9 seats. Costs solid 45435 dollars. For one parameter Expedition is the best model on this list, and that is the volume of the passenger compartment of the entire 160.3 cubic feet. The current model has been in place since 2007. It is the third generation of Expedition. A long time ago some sources are announcing the fourth generation, but every year we have seen that we are getting only new redesigned versions. Maybe in 2017 will be developed a new generation of Ford Expedition? Each year, Ford sold more than 40,000 copies of the SUV. There are a number of available engine for this model. We like the most current version made with the current V6 EcoBoost engine of 3.5 liters. The power of this engine is 365 hp. As the previous SUV, Expedition has excellent automatic transmission with 6 speeds. The space for passengers in the third row of seats is significantly higher than in the aforementioned Suburban.

9 seats SUV - 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

Chevrolet Tahoe is the model with the best towing capacity in this list, as much as 8600 lbs. GM in the same category produced even two models for which we can say that they are twins. In addition to the Tahoe, the second model is the GMC Yukon XL. These two models differ very little, but is still sold under two different brands. In particular, they differ in the appearance of the front of the chassis. Otherwise, the platform on which were developed both models is titled GMT K2XX. The latest generation of Tahoe appeared in 2015. It offers a dozen types of engine, but leaves a good impression with 5.3-liter V8 and an output of 355 hp. Consumption is the same for both models, it is 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. The space for passengers in the third row of seats is quite decent and there can seat even men of medium height. Of course, they will not have great comfort, but will still have plenty of room.


In addition to the aforementioned 4 SUV models for 9 passengers, I would also mention the Ford Excursion. The only reason why this model is not described is the fact that it is not produced since 2005. However, if you manage to find used model, in good condition, you might find it interesting because it is after all the parameters quite good transport more people. If you manage to get it at a low price, be sure that it will serve you for several years if you maintain it corectly.

Best 9 passenger vehicles – vans

Ford Transit is produced since 1965. Since it appeared, Ford Transit was produced for multiple purposes. This time we are concerned about the model for the carriage of passengers or mini-bus. At present, on the market is 5-generation of model, which was released in 2013. And just as in ordinary cars, van manufacturers strive to each year to introduce some new details. What is interesting, Ford Transit in some countries advertises as a Ford Tourneo. It is available with several types of engine. The most widespread is the V6 engine of 3.7 liters and 275 hp. All models feature a 6-speed automatic transmission. Seating at Ford Transit is usually in three rows of three seats. We had a chance to see even variant with 5 rows of 2 seats. This model give the impression of comfort and convenience. It is used for the transport of small tourist groups on a tour to the nearby localities. MSRP of this model is $ 33,465.

9 seater van 2017 ford-transit


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is extremely popular 9 passenger van. In fact, this model in some versions can carry 15 passengers. This time we will be based only on the variant that is carrying 9 passengers. In this case, the seats are arranged in three rows of three connected seats. Mercedes-Benz Sprint is no the market from 1995. This model survived only one complete redesign so far, and now is in the production second generation. There are a total of 5 variants of this vehicle, and 2 of them are used for the transport of passengers: the passenger van and minibus. Minibus version can carry 10 to 16 passengers. This van has numerous options as well as the latest cars: blind spot monitor, collision avoidance system, crosswind stabilization, collision avoidance system. More info about 10+ seat vehicles you can find in the article about 10 passenger vans.

Opel Vivaro B

Opel Vivaro appeared on the market in 2001. This vehicle gained immense popularity, primarily because of its excellent technical characteristics and comfort. Vivaro has been produced so far in more than 750,000 copies. Currently is in the production model Opel Vivaro B, which is produced from 2014. This vehicle is equipped with a CDTI diesel engine of 1.6 liters. There are several variants of this engine, which have an output from 90 hp to 145 hp. The length of the vehicle is between 5 and 5.4 meters. The seats are extremely comfortable. The driver’s seat is adjustable in 6 different positions. This vehicle has really interesting price from $22800 to $34000.