2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT redesign

The first model of light commercial vehicles from Ford called Ford Transit emerged as far back as 1,965 years, and to date has sold over eight million copies. These figures speak for themselves that it is a very popular vehicle, which is made in several versions of the bodywork as a cargo van, pickup truck and a minibus to transport passengers. The first generation of the Ford Transit was introduced since 1965, the second generation in 1986, third in 2000 and fourth current is present on the market since 2013, with several facelift changes during all these decades of production. According to sales data for the 2016 model year, Ford Transit was the best-selling van in the United States and had a share of 57 percent in sales of full-size van vehicle market US.

2017 Ford-Transit 150 XLT design

2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT Engine and Specs

2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT will be offered with the basic petrol powertrain displacement of 3,7L, V6 engine will develop 275 BHP, and there will also be a V6 gasoline engine with 3.5L turbo-charged and turbo-diesel power aggregate volume 3.2L V6 engine. All variants of this vehicle will be equipped with an 7 speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford-Transit 150 XLT-interior

2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT Design

The new 2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT will be much more modern and more elegant appearance than its current predecessor, in the eyes immediately decline the front of the vehicle, which now looks very trendy, while the biggest design changes and treats hidden behind a door, in the interior of the vehicle. The cabin can accommodate up to 11 adults, it has a large amount of legroom and headroom, and in addition there are still places in the cargo hold of a dozen large suitcases. Drivers and passengers will be large glass surfaces and elevated seating position, may cause considerable real driving pleasure. Large windows and a great maneuverability will allow the driver model 2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT to easily operate the vehicle in narrow streets or to maneuver the vehicle in the parking lot. Wheelbase will be higher than the current model, so that passengers will be able to enjoy even greater comfort while driving. This vehicle is intended for people who are engaged in the services of passenger transport, as well as those who have families with more members. All future owners of the vehicles will be able to fully meet the needs of simultaneous comfortable transportation of passengers and luggage. For passenger safety care frontal and side airbags, ABS, Cruise Control System, for a comfortable journey there are MyFord Infotainment System which is operated via a touch screen display size of 6.5 inches, excellent system of air conditioning and heating vehicles, USB ports, an audio system with a large number of speakers, satellite navigation and so on.

2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT release date

2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT Release Date and Price

From Ford appear to be their new model 2017 Ford Transit 150 XLT on the market at the end of year 2016. The announced price of the basic model will be $ 39,000, while the buyers for an additional $ 2,000 will be able to get a model with a large number of additional functions and better equipment package.