Top 7 of the Best 8 Passenger SUV’s

How to find best 8 seater SUV today?

Vehicles with 8 seats have become extremely popular in the world in the last 10 years. Surely many will ask one question: For whom are intended SUV’s with 8 seats? The answer is simple: big families. Sport utility vehicles – SUV are vehicles that are very often offered with 7 or 8 seats. These cars have become very popular for many reasons. First and foremost is the possibility of off-road driving with all the comfort of a classic luxury car. SUV’s are made on the same platform as the pickup trucks.

Since most have built-in a strong engine, they usually have a big towing capacity and can transmit a lot of cargo and passengers. From all the foregoing facts, it follows a extensive use in rural areas with extreme climate conditions.

Best 8 seater suv

In addition to SUV’s, there is another type of vehicle that can carry 8 passengers. It is about 8 passenger minivans. Basic characteristics of minivan’s are sliding doors and different platform. This type of vehicle is slightly less than 8 seater SUV, and usually has weaker engine. However, in comparison to the SUV it has several advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is easier entry of passengers in vehicle, due to sliding doors and easier driving. Other benefits of 8 passenger SUV are:

  • Security – due to strong construction is a lot safer than the minivan. If there is a collision, the occupants of the SUV will suffer less than passengers of the other vehicle.
  • The choice of vehicle – there are many more SUVs with many seats than minivan vehicles. Comparison of key features makes it easier to choose what suits you
  • Ride comfort – SUV vehicles have seats that are much higher than those in ordinary cars. Sitting at a higher position driver will have a much better view of traffic.
  • Large clearance – Thanks to large clearance and good dampers, you can drive around bumpy roads with a lot of holes and prominence.
  • Appearance – many will tell you that the minivans are “unstylish”. Mostly people who judge other people on the basis of the car that they drive.

8 seater GMC Acadia

Displacement of 8 seats in cabin

Mentioned 8-seater is always distributed in 3 rows. In the first row there are situated 2 seats, while the second and third row are deployed by 3 seats. Last, the third row seats usually has a slightly smaller space for passengers. The result of the third row is reduced luggage space. In some models (such as the Mercedes GL) this is not the case, but more passengers usually means less volume of the luggage compartment. The space for passengers in the third row is usually small. It is understood that in the third row sit children or some lower growth person. No one who is taller than 4 feet should not sit in the third row.

ford expedition spy photo 8 passenger vehicles

Fuel consumption on vehicles with 8 seats

Fuel consumption of 8 seater SUV’s is a complex issue. In the United States people have for decades been in love with the big cars with high fuel consumption. The rest of the world on the other side at the beginning of the seventies began to invest in more economical engines with better fuel consumption.

This trend also included SUV’s in the mid 90’s. Since these are large vehicles with powerful engines car designers had a difficult task. They had to cut spending, but also to reduce CO2 emissions into the air. However, it should be noted that even today’s SUV vehicles that use gasoline or diesel consume a lot of fuel. Exceptions are only hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have a more well-known effects in reducing consumption, especially in city driving.

VehicleMSRPTowing capacity Mpg
(City / Highway)
Passenger Volume Cargo space
behind 3rd row
Cargo space
behind 1st row
3rd row
Buick Enclave$39065450017/241532311537.8/57.4/33.2
Chevrolet Traverse$31205520017/24150.824.4116.337.8/57.6/33.2
Ford Expredition$43400660016/2216018.6108.338.3/51.9/37.7
Lexus LX 570$88880700013/18N/A4183.138.9/61.6/36
Toyota Highlander LE$29765150020/2515013.883.735.9/55/27.7
GMC Acadia SL$30975350017/2415124.1116.138.4/57.8/33.2
Lincoln Navigator L$61480850015/20168.318.1103.338/67.1/37.7

In this table with top 8 passenger SUV there are columns on which you can choose SUV with the best characteristics. In the first column is the price of the basic model, which is for most customers one of the most important parameters. The second column is the towing capacity and it is important to people who have a travel trailer. Next column is the fuel consumption in urban traffic and on the highway. Passenger volume represents total space in cabin available to passengers. Next column represents the available luggage space behind the third row of seats, which have already been discussed. After that is the volume of luggage space behind the first row of seats when the second and third row of seats are folded down. In the last column is a space for the head, shoulder and legroom in the third row of seats. The table can be sorted by any of the columns.

ford-expedition folded 2nd and 3rd row

Best 8 seater SUV’s in USA in 2016

Lincoln Navigator L

This is the largest Lincoln vehicle in this moment. From the all listed vehicles with 8 seats Navigator has the highest towing capacity, as much as 8500 lbs. It also has the largest space for passengers, in this case excellent 168.3 cubic feet. Dimensions of this SUV are impressive and navigator L looks very powerful on the road. This 8 passenger vehicle has a 380 hp engine power. Navigator is in production from 1997, and in this moment is on the market third generation. In 2015 was carried out extensive restyling. The external appearance is changed in a few details. The front grill has been completely restyled, headlights are made in LED technology. Also, the standard wheels are now 20 inches, as opposed to the previous 18. The interior of this model is characterized by 8-inch touchscreen and 2 display of 4.2 inches. As options are added rear camera and blind spot detection.

Toyota Highlander LE

is an 8 passenger SUV that has the best mpg on the list. It has a fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. This model is in some countries known as the Ford Kluger. Products from 2000 and have so far produced three generations, similar to the Navigator L models. If you opt for this model, it should be noted that it is extremely safe SUV. According to the NHTSA crash tests, the Highlander has received the best marks. Be commended pre collision warning, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring system. Highlander has 2 engines: first of 2.7 liters and second stronger with 3.5 liters. In both variants of the engine is coupled with a 6-speed gearbox. Another important feature of this model is relatively low price, considering that there are 8 seats: 29765 dollars.

Lexus LX 570

is definitely a great SUV. It is the vehicle of the highest class. Sophisticated design and excellent performance justified the high price. Sales of this model was never mass. It is estimated that the annual sales are from 5000 to 9000 pieces of model LX 570. Besides the highest price, this model is characterized by the largest luggage space behind the third seat among all SUV models. It’s about as much as 41 cubic feet, which is far more than the next model in line. However, when you run down the second and third row seats you will not get too much free space, a total of only 83.1 cubic feet. However, this SUV was awarded with excellent V8 engine of 5.6 liters and 450 hp power. The interior of this model is a luxury, with 4-zone air conditioning and audio system with 450 w power.

Buick Enclave

This SUV has to be positioned between luxury and mainstream segments of the market. It is based on GM’s Lambda platform. It was first launched back in 2007. For the year 2017 was announced the second generation of this full-size SUV for 8 passengers. With an excellent platform is a good 3.6 liter engine that is coupled with a 6 speed gearbox. What should be commended is a large space for passengers in the third row. Also to be commended other parameters such as cargo space when folded down the second and third row. Fuel consumption is also excellent: 24 mpg on the highway. Enclave is an excellent choice for a large family.

GMC Acadia

is made in the assembly plant in Michigan and is based on the same platform as the Buick Enclave. However, the individual parameters of Acadia are better than the Enclave. Suppose there is more cargo space behind the first and third seats. It also has more room for passengers in the third row. Fuel economy is on the same level as the Enclave. All those seeking to set aside less money will love the fact that this model needs to pay 30975 dollars. At this moment is actual second generation of this model. Characterized by a V6 engine of 3.6 liters and an power output of 288Hp. There is also an automatic transmission with a 6-speed. The new Acadia will appear very soon under the name Holden Acadia as a version for the year 2017.

Ford Expedition

is SUV that is extremely similar to the Lincoln Navigator model. From the beginning , Expedition was made in facility in Louisville, Kentucky. It first appeared back in 1997, as a successor to the legendary Ford Bronco vehicles. What separates this vehicle from the other’s is safety on the road and large dimensions. Its weight is 6071 lb. Currently, Ford produces the third generation of this model and the last restyling was in this year, 2016, The latest model is adorned with V6 engine of 3.5 liters and power of 365hp and torque of 420 lb-ft. There is also an automatic 6-speed transmission. Ford has worked on the latest infotainment system SYNC 3. The engineers at Ford were obviously felt nostalgia for the old Bronco and front grill will experience the amendment to resemble the F-150 and Bronco. Ford T1 platform has so far proved excellent. The space in the third row for passengers is among the better in the current offer, as well as the total luggage space when folded down seats. In our opinion, this model is a good ratio of price and quality.

Chevrolet Traverse

is an excellent SUV that can transport 7 or 8 passengers. It is based on the famous GM Lambda platform. Traverse first appeared in sales in 2007 and since then has experienced only a temporary cosmetic changes. Many fans of large vehicles casts doubt about this SUV because it has slightly weaker 288 hp engine. However, even with such engine, the Chevy has no trouble to tow 5,200 lbs. The last 2 years this model was very popular in the USA and was sold over 100,000 pieces per year, which is the best result of all the listed vehicle for 8 passengers. The reason may be in great equipment, the comfortable seats and excellent technical characteristics. Also it should be noted that this model is relatively inexpensive (about 31000 dollars) and has more interior space than a vehicle of this caliber.

8 seater suv 2017 ford expedition review

What is the future 8 passenger vehicles?

Each vehicle from this 8 seater suv list will, in the future get significant improvements. In which direction will go the progress of this category of vehicles? The question is quite difficult, but we think that the answer is already in sight. Probably prosperity will go to two major improvements: First will be fuel consumption and second will be driving autonomy. Of course, there will still be more minor changes. By this I mean change in appearance, changing of technologies of headlights, better quality of seats and more quality entertainment system inside the cabin.

Fuel consumption of 8 seater vehicles

As in the table we can see, 8 passenger vehicles don’t have great fuel economy. Many companies have already announced that future models will be made of lighter materials, which will reduce consumption. Another very important thing is giving up the diesel engine. After the scandal with rigging fuel consumption by VW, many other manufacturers are accused for the same practice. In order to reduce the negative effects, many companies decided to completely abandon the diesel drive. So, in the future we will probably have 8 seater suv with hybrid and gasoline engine. There is even a possibility that in the near future will appears large vehicles with fuel cell.

Autonomous driving for 8 seater vehicles

For years, scientists were carrying out tests with vehicles that do not need a driver. Pioneers in this study were Google, Tesla Motors and Uber. However, today, all major automakers are testing models without a driver. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, there are a total of 6 levels of autonomy of the vehicle in relation to the driver. Level 5 means that the driver starts the car and just set a destination. More about autonomous vehicles you can found on wikipedia. It should be in the near future (within 5 years) that we expect more 8 seater models that have full autonomy. Ford has already announced that they will have soon a model without the steering wheel, accelerator pedal and clutch. According to some expectations, the cars intended for several persons will especially be the goal of this development. in fact, if you had the 8 seater suv without a driver, would significantly make cheaper all transportation business. Another good thing will be reduction of the possibility of accidents.

I hope that you will, from the described vehicles, find best  8 seater SUV. If you have any concerns about the described vehicles, feel free to send us your questions. If there is a model that should be further described, please write to us in a comment